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Last Updated 11/7/04

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Crested Geckos (Rhacodactylus ciliatus)

We usually wholesale off our "normal" cresteds and keep back the very best for retail sales. Buy 2 cresteds or more and shipping is free.

More Coming Soon

Remember to add 35.00 on all livestock orders except where marked shipped.

Other Rhacodactylus

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12 unsexed baby reticulated gargoyle geckos (Rhacodactylus auriculatus)

$130.00 for 2 (not sold singly)

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12 Baby striped gargoyle geckos

$150.00 for 2 (not sold singly)

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1 pair young adult slender prehensile tailed gecko

$900/pr SOLD

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6 baby R. sarasinorum unsexed. From parents with no white pattern.

$300 ea.

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6 hatchling unsexed Isle of Pines R. chahoua

$350 ea.


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Young pairs Isle of Pines, Rhacodactylus chahoua

$750/pair Inquire


Other Animals

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1 pair (the only one offered this year) juvenile albino water snakes from female shown in photo. RESERVE NOW $1500.00 pair (no discount). $250.00 non refundable deposit required (unless we fail to supply the pair by due date of Septmeber 1).

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1 male metamorphosed leucistic axolotl (Ambystoma mexicana).

$250 ea.

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3 Dino skin subadult male Chamaeleolis barbatus Amazing scalation.

Make great pets and a nice display in planted tanks.

Regularly $400 ea., Special $200 ea.

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5 baby pink-tongue skinks, feeding on Whiska’s cat food.*

$125.00 ea.

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2 year old male pink-tongue skink. Super tame and compatible with adult crested and gargoyles.*

$225.00 ea.

1 adult pair of bearded chameleon anoles (Chameleolis barbatus)


Currently taking orders for pairs of baby bearded chameleon anoles. Limited.


* Note: Pink Tongue skinks are semi-arboreal and excellent companion animals for all smaller Rhacodactylus as long as you remove gravid pink tongue females so adult rhacs don’t eat the babies. They’re fine with smaller rhacs in the same size range. These have been acclimated to feed on Whiskas moist cat food. One of the finest pet and vivarium herps.

New! T-Rex Rhacodactylus diets. now offers T-Rex Rhacodactylus diets in bulk quantities. These are complete powdered diets. When mixed with two parts water by volume, they will provide all the nutrients your Rhacodactylus require, including calcium, vitamins and carotenoid plant pigments for best possible color intensity.

T-Rex Crested Gecko Diet, Gargoyle Gecko Diet, or Leachianus Diet in 2½ lb containers. Makes more than 9 lbs of food.

$35.00 shipped

Special! Buy two containers

$60.00 shipped

50 gram samples of above (with orders only).

$3.99 ea.

New! T-Rex Leopard Gecko Dust. Perfect for balancing/supplementing crickets fed to Rhacodactylus. 2½ lbs

$35.00 shipped

Available September 15, 2003

Rhacodactylus: A Complete Guide to their Selection and Care, by Philippe de Vosjoli, Frank Fast, and Allen Repashy. 290 pages, 250 color photos. Published by Advanced Visions Inc.

Rhacodactylus: A Complete Guide to their Selection and Care


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